About Us


Welcome to Bandit and Bear Boutique,

Our passion for pet products and gifts for their humans, means that we strive to provide our customers with quality trending products at a fair price.  We like to educate and help our pet families live a better life.  Our goal is to meet and exceed our customer’s needs.

My love of animals and nature started very early!  Growing up my family had a pet store in Michigan called Bwana Don.  I spent many weekends there caring for and playing with the animals!  My Uncle Don had starred in a local children's television show about wild animals, with a chimpanzee named Bongo Bailey. He later moved to Kenya and owned/operated a safari club and game ranch for wildlife conservation.  Batian, the cheetah above was a young orphaned male cub that my aunt raised. My dad and his brother's managed a few drive through wildlife parks and were involved in wildlife conservation programs.  

Bandit and Little Bear were my inspiration for Bandit and Bear Boutique. Bandit was adopted as a puppy and Little Bear later as a foster fail!  They are both sweet, affectionate, and sociable. We hope to grow our business and to be able to foster more animals.

We strive to bring a smile to you and your pet’s face.  That’s why we’re looking to find the great products and gifts for you and your pet/s.  We want to celebrate important occasions with you and your pet/s, while you make lasting memories together.


Bandit & Little Bear

Thank you for supporting our small business and making your pet part of our family!  We are so happy you are here!

Founder of Bandit and Bear Boutique,